A Winter Walk In Hyde Park, London

By Kristīne Pētersone

Winter weather in London isn't always inspiring. It's often dull and overcast, but London parks have the ability to lift your spirits. The Greater London Area is more than 35% green space, and much of this area is public park land. This is true right into the center of the city, with Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James's Park creating iconic green escapes within the very heart of London. Kristine explored Hyde Park with her camera on a cold winter evening, and came across beauty and magic. To get you in the holiday spirit, enjoy this escape to Hyde Park, glowing in the lights of Winter Wonderland, an annual fair in the park during the holiday season.

Pictured is Boy and Dolphin (1863), a fountain in the Rose Garden, Hyde Park Corner.

Rose Garden in winter, still showing some color.

A squirrel in Rose Garden pauses for a moment.

Enter Winter Wonderland.

A food market and attraction rides are all part of Winter Wonderland.

A stroll down the food market of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Christmas ride lights in Hyde Park, London during Winter Wonderland.

Christmas market in Winter Wonderland, located in Hyde Park, London during the holiday season.

XXL rides lighting up the night in Hyde Park, London.

Christmas village with attractions and rides, within Hyde Park in London.

Published: 12/4/2015

Kristine is portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London but working throughout the UK and internationally. She likes to explore the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Particularly how humans blend in and become a part of nature or environment creating a greater whole.