10 Awesome Reusable Water Bottles For The Socially Conscious Traveler

10 Awesome Reusable Water Bottles For The Socially Conscious Traveler

By Zygmunt Spray

60 million.

That's the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfills. Every day. In the United States alone.

The amount of waste created by single-use water bottles is pretty astounding, as you probably know. You may already be traveling with a reusable water bottle, or maybe you're looking to make a simple change to live and travel more sustainably. 

Fortunately, there are companies delivering amazing reusable water bottles. Many of which have do-good missions as pure as the water their products hold. Here, we've given our Wayward hat tip to 10 amazing reusable water bottles from some rockin' socially responsible companies. These bottles are perfect for your travels, as well as everyday use. 

1.    Camelbak

Camelbak is a big name in water bottles. They pride themselves in giving a $#%!” and are invested in "taking small steps to environmental leaps. 

What does that mean? It means their products are designed to be tough and durable, so that they'll last long enough to be significantly better for the environment than disposable containers or a cheaply produced reusable bottle.

Their environmental stance also extends to their headquarters. In addition to having a office free of disposable water bottles (no surprises there!), they reduce paper waste and work out of a LEED certified green building.

2.    Platypus

Platypus has reduced the bottle to the absolute minimum requirements. By making a BPA-free, thin, flexible plastic bottle, Platypus reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing and transporting, while maintaining a unique enjoyable drinking experience. 

And for when you’re fully hydrated, Platypus also has a wine storage and preservation system, so you can take your vino on your hike. But, wait, we're talking about water here. Let's continue...

3.    Vapur

The Vapur Hydration Program set out with the goal of reducing waste from single-usage bottles and making clean drinking water more readily available. Vapur adopt the same lightweight and flexible philosophy as Platypus with their "Anti-Bottledesign.

Producing and distributing water refill stations is a large part of Vapur's sustainability efforts. You’ll find their refill stations in national parks, schools and hotels. It must be working, because to date they’ve saved more than one million bottles from going to landfill.


4.    S’well

Stylish. High-tech. Practical. S’well's bottles have great customizable looks, and they are high performance vacuum-sealed to keep you drink cold or hot, as you like it.

You can hydrate happy in the knowledge that this company reaches far to give back. S'well partners with UNICEF, helping to provide clean water to the world’s most vulnerable children, and supports American Forests and Drink Up.

5.    Kleen Kanteen

As a certified B corp, Kleen Kanteen starts its good work at home, and extends that positive impact to the rest of the world as a member of 1% For the Planet. They offset electrical usage with renewable energy credits and power their website with the wind. Whoa. Oh, and after all that they make stainless steel, vacuum-insulated bottles of the highest quality.

6. Ohyo

Practicality and style have teamed up to create the Ohyo collapsible water bottle. The Ohyo bottle is carbon neutral after just two refills. Did you get that? Two refills! This can be quickly achieved by visiting Find a Fountain, meaning that you’re just a few clicks away from filling your bottle and saving another bottle. Ohyo. Oh yeah, baby.

7. Earthlust

Eco-friendly, durable and chic. This bottle initially stands out for its gorgeous artwork, but the real beauty is within, the company that is. 

Earthlust goes to great lengths to ensure that your bottle is not only beautiful, but also made to high standards. Standards that extend not just to the materials, but to human rights in the production factory.

8. Polar Bottle

Polar Bottles are made in the United States from locally sourced parts, with a mind towards reducing the environmental impact of production and shipping.

Polar Bottle is a Green America-certified business. For them, reducing their environmental impact is equally important as giving back. Polar Bottle supports other local businesses and pays all of their employees, at minimum, a living wage. Combine this with BPA-free plastics, and this is certainly a bottle you can feel good drinking from every day.

9. Miir

These stylish, stainless steel insulated bottles from Miir are the perfect way to keep your water cool, your coffee hot or your beer chilled and sealed. Oh, wait, we're still talking about water...

Transparent giving is a big part of how Miir operates as a business. They focuse on sustainability projects centered around clean water and transport (mainly bicycles) for communities in need. Miir knows what people need and excel at delivering.

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10. Hydros

And finally, a great option from Hydros. According to this brand's mission, "Hydros is more than a bottle, it is the movement to fight the global water crisis."

Working in countries such as Cameroon and Kenya to install clean water systems is one part of the company's mission. The other part of this mission is to deliver a US-made bottle designed to give you clean filtered water on the go, with ease of use at its heart. Hydros has also taken the difficulty out of changing filters. Their recycling program will take your old filters and bottles, and recycle them for you. For life!

With these 10 great options and countless others on the market, there's no need to buy another single-use bottle again. Doing something green and sustainable every day just got easier.

Published: 11/24/2015

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