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Editorial Policy


Hey, let’s face it.

We have to make a living, so yes, you will find companies showcased on this site that gave us free stuff or sponsored an article.

We believe in transparency, so we’ll make sure the article lets you know “the who” and “how” we were comped for an experience we had.  While we appreciate every bit of complimentary hospitality extended to us, we always promise to give honest reviews to our readers.

Additionally, we do have travel and hospitality brands that act as benefactor sponsors for our publication. Sponsored posts from these brands provide us with the support we need to furtherour mission to promote socially conscious travel experiences and amazing writers and photographers. Wayward readers fear not—we only feature sponsored content from companies we believe in. These businesses have a heart. And it’s in the right place.

We always aim to keep our heart in the right place too. Please give us your thoughts on on our editorial policy at .