Peaceful Fruits Helps Communities in the Amazon, Akron

By Julia Reynolds

Many of us seek to do good as we travel. For Evan Delahanty, that desire persists both at home and abroad.

It’s this desire that drove Delahanty to create Peaceful Fruits, a company that melds mindfulness, good intentions, and organic non-GMO Amazonian açaí berries into a delicious and healthy dried fruit snack we can feel good about.  These snacks come as fruit strips in two flavors: açaí and apple, as well as açaí and pineapple.

Snacks made the right way, from the right stuff

The company began with Delahanty’s life-altering two years in the Peace Corps as a Community Economic Development Specialist in the Amazon rainforest. Upon Delahanty’s return home to Ohio, he brainstormed a way in which he could create an effective business model weaving together the philosophies of economic empowerment for marginalized segments of our society, environmentally friendly production methods, and the power of food as a social tool—bringing together humans of all ages and walks of life to enjoy strips of delicious dried super-fruits.

Peaceful Fruits is Delahanty’s idealistic musings brought to fruition (no pun intended). The company employs locals in the Amazon to harvest the açaí, over 25 berries of which are packed into each individual fruit strip. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added—just fruit. The company’s straightforward philosophy is: “Snacks made the right way, from the right stuff.”

That right way continues with the production of the fruit snacks several thousand miles north in Akron, Ohio, where the company takes part in a full-wage employment program for individuals with disabilities in partnership with local non-profits Hattie Larlham and Blick Clinic. The Peaceful Fruits project is developing from humble beginnings, but hopefully with a little help from their crowdfunding initiative the movement for “snacks made the right way, from the right stuff” will help spread empowerment and açaí into every corner of this beautiful, delicate planet of ours.

Editor’s Note: Peaceful Fruits is looking to grow its business and impact with a Kickstarter campaign running from August 19th to September 19th. Support this growing social enterprise here.

Published: 8/22/2016

Julia Reynolds is a travel writer, adventure enthusiast, and serial nomad living (mostly) in the Hawaiian islands. She is currently on a one-year trip around the world, avoiding air travel when possible and traveling slowly over land and sea. Some of her best travel experiences to date have been kayaking the Napali Coast of Kaua'i, diving the isolated atolls of Belize, and rock climbing in the Krabi region of Thailand. Her worst travel experiences have been getting robbed in Guatemala, breaking her back in Thailand, and breaking multiple bones in a mountain bike accident in Alaska. She still loves the places where the worst experiences occurred.

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