Top 5 Solar Powered Travel Gadgets

Top 5 Solar Powered Travel Gadgets

With the holidays approaching, many of us are thinking about those gifts that will delight socially conscious travelers and sustainable tech geeks alike. Here are five great gadgets that provide sustainable energy for frequent travelers.

1.    LuminAID Solar Light

Solar powered flashlights are nothing new, but few offer a universal lantern light in such a small package. Its tiny size is thanks to its inflatable design, which helps to disperse light. These lights were born out of the desire to help disaster victims when they have no power. 

Seven hours of daylight provides enough charge to deliver 16 hours of light, which is more than enough to get you through the night. Their Give Light, Get Life aid program has distributed more than 12,000 lights to charities in over 50 countries.

2.    GoalZero Torch 250 Flashlight

This flashlight has got you covered. With three charging methodssolar, hand-crank and USBthere’s not much chance you’ll run out of power. This flashlight is a multitasker too, lighting your way and charging your devices. It will give enough power to give a tablet a half charge or a GoPro 1-2 charges. All in all this is a perfect eco-gadget for outdoor lovers!

Phone Charging

Mobile phones are generally not considered green. Each new model uses more and more power, so why not try and offset this by re-charging with renewable energy. Here are a few options to choose from.

3.    PowerTraveller

Slim, lightweight and powerful, this solar-powered charger is the ultimate gadget for those doing multiple day hikes. This gadget provides enough power at the end of a day to charge lights, a GPS unit and a phone.

4.    BirkSun Solar Backpacks

Why carry a separate solar panel charger that needs setting up, when you can take full advantage of the sunlight with an integrated backpack and solar panel? That's what BirkSun does with this hip, solar backpack. Just 20 minutes in the sun is enough for this backpack to deliver up to 10% charge, making it a perfect accessory for festivals, hikes and everyday use.

5. XD-Design Solar Chargers

XD-Design is well on its way to becoming sustainable and socially responsible. They deliver beautiful, inventive designs such as the Ginkgo Solar Tree and the Port Solar Charger.

Using its suction cup, the Port Solar Charger can be affixed to any window to gather light for power, even when you're inside. It's perfect for keeping your devices juiced up while traveling by car or on a train.

Published: 11/20/2015